1. Describing the presence of and practices related to death and dying within various cultures, with particular emphasis upon the United States.

9. Analyzing public policies and practices related to issues of dying.

11. Conducting a cross-cultural comparison of institutionalized practices for dealing with death and dying.

14. Developing a source of information for use by professionals and the public who are addressing issues of death and dying.


1.  First, read the articles on the 3 websites listed about dying without a will and read the following chapters in your book:

11: The Business of Dying

12: The Legal Aspects of Dying

Here’s What Happens When You Die Without a will

Legal Consequences of Dying without a Will

2. Familiarize yourself with the following website:

3. Find out what the law is in the state you live in regarding what specifically happens with your property/assets and children if you die without a will.

4.  Questions to consider for the chat(only one paragraph each)

a.  Specifically, how much difference would there be between dying with a will and without a will in the state you live in?

b.  Why do you think parents still don’t have wills even when they are knowledgeable that the courts will decide what happens to their children if they die at the same time?

c. What type of wills are there and what are their purposes?

d. What tasks have to be completed between the time of death and the funeral/burial?

5. Submit a summary of the articles read and website viewed. Post a 350-word summary