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We began the course by considering Cialdini’s click-whirr metaphor for persuasion. Now, at the completion of the course, to what extent do you think that automatic versus controlled processing is important in persuasion? How do automatic and controlled processes interact with the other major entities of persuasion (source, message, and audience) to determine the effectiveness of persuasion attempts? Be specific in your discussion and be sure to reference your course materials.


For some individuals, adolescence marks the beginning of lifelong externalizing problems including antisocial behavior. For others, it is a brief phase of experimentation. It is extremely difficult to predict which adolescents will continue these behaviors into adulthood. Based on what we’ve learned these past weeks, which factors do you think are the most important in determining which adolescents present higher risk? What can organizations (i.e., schools, community groups) do to help move these teens onto a normal developmental pathway.

Disc Soc

Social Media And Adolescents Mental Health

Social Media And Adolescents Mental Health

Assessment Description

Using the empirical articles, compare the current research for your chosen topic, in 1,500-2,000 words.

  • Provide an introduction that includes your research question with a brief explanation of why the research is needed.
  • Analyze and compare the literature in the articles collected.
  • Analyze and compare the limitations of the studies you have collected.
  • Provide a conclusion that includes how your research will add to the current field of social psychology.

Your document will include a minimum of five scholarly, peer reviewed, empirical studies from the past 5 to 7 years. This section should include APA formatted citations for each article, including permalink or doi number.

Describe the assessment process as related to individuals and families.

  • Describe the assessment process as related to individuals and families.
  • Briefly identify the types of information it is important to gather.
  • Compare how assessment at the macro level is similar and dissimilar than at the micro level.
  • Explain how you would gather the needed information at the macro level.
  • Identify a situation where a client system (micro or macro) may be reluctant to engage in the assessment process.

Learning Theory

Learning Theory

Examine your Key Assignment training course topic, and further design the course. Discuss at least 2 highly effective ways you can make learning both effective and fun, based on the data of adult learning and the best practices for designing training programs. Be sure to answer the following questions:

What are some considerations for serious topics?

Is it more important to make learning more effective, more fun, or both?

Developing Human Resources

Developing Human Resources

Review and reflect on the various components of training in human resources. Based on your review, reflection, and the materials presented this week in the course, answer the following questions:

In your opinion, why it is important for organizations to use a strategic approach to training employees?

How might training needs vary for employees who take on global assignments?

Why is e-learning an important component of training efforts today? How do you believe this will change, if at all, 10 years from now?

Mental Health Issues and Treatment

Mental Health Issues and Treatment

Mental Health Problems and Interventions. Some of you plan to work with individuals with particular problems discussed in this chapter (e.g., substance-related and addictive disorders, depression, social phobia, generalized anxiety, neurocognitive disorders, or PTSD).  Pick one of the psychological disorders of adulthood and describe it.  To what extent do you see genetics as contributing to this disorder? To what extent will you see the individual’s environment (past and present) contributing to this disorder? What treatments discussed in this chapter would you favor to help the individual’s mental health improve?



In this final discussion, look back on your experiences in the course and thoughtfully reflect on what you have learned.

Each discussion is meant to be a collaborative space for conversation in which to process the concepts within the course. To ensure an interesting and respectful discussion, you are encouraged to think creatively about your initial posts and build upon the points made by your peers. Discussing challenges that face our world often means investigating opinions and ideas different from your own. Remember to remain thoughtful and respectful towards your peers and instructor in your discussion post and replies.

Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.

In your initial post, address the following: 

  1. How has your understanding of wellness been enhanced as a result of analyzing it through the four lenses?
  2. What are the potential implications of current discussions about wellness for the future? You may consider any future you like, such as the future of your community or the future of humankind.
  3. How do you believe the critical analysis skills learned in this course will support you going forward personally, academically, and/or professionally?

Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Surprisingly, many people do not understand why studying psychology is important to an early childhood educator. By studying psychology, early childhood educators have a better understanding of how children develop and learn.

For this assignment, take on the role of an early childhood teacher. Your principal/director just asked you to create a brochure explaining to future teachers:

  • The connections between psychology and learning.
  • The role psychology plays in understanding children’s development (age birth to 8 years old).
  • Why teachers need to understand psychological theories and research.

Support your brochure with 3-5 scholarly references.

ambivalent stage

I describe myself  in the ambivalent stage(explain how is the development of this  stage in my own behavior). Expand the reason on my conclusion exploring the behavioral stage of a child who is in the ambivalent stage. kind of a self explanatory article. Please search from  different criteria. Bibliographical references of the theories. 2 pages only. 



1. Describing the presence of and practices related to death and dying within various cultures, with particular emphasis upon the United States.

9. Analyzing public policies and practices related to issues of dying.

11. Conducting a cross-cultural comparison of institutionalized practices for dealing with death and dying.

14. Developing a source of information for use by professionals and the public who are addressing issues of death and dying.


1.  First, read the articles on the 3 websites listed about dying without a will and read the following chapters in your book:

11: The Business of Dying

12: The Legal Aspects of Dying


Here’s What Happens When You Die Without a will


Legal Consequences of Dying without a Will

2. Familiarize yourself with the following website:  


3. Find out what the law is in the state you live in regarding what specifically happens with your property/assets and children if you die without a will.

4.  Questions to consider for the chat(only one paragraph each)

a.  Specifically, how much difference would there be between dying with a will and without a will in the state you live in?

b.  Why do you think parents still don’t have wills even when they are knowledgeable that the courts will decide what happens to their children if they die at the same time?

c. What type of wills are there and what are their purposes?

d. What tasks have to be completed between the time of death and the funeral/burial?

5. Submit a summary of the articles read and website viewed. Post a 350-word summary